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DOH-9 hiring for HRH 2017 Deployment

2017 HRH Deployment includes DTTB, UHCIP, DDP, NDP, RHMPP, MTDP and PHADP programs.

ZAMBOANGA CITY - The Department of Health Regional Office 9 in Zamboanga Peninsula is now accepting applications for 2017 Human Resource for Health deployment program which includes doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives and medtechs.

DOH Region 9 covers the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Sur and two independent cities Isabela City and Zamboanga City.

HRH is a composite of health and allied health professionals recruited, screened and hired by the Department of Health and deployed to the Local Government Units for augmentation and includes: Doctors under the DTTB Program, Doctors as UHC Implementers, Dentists under the DDP, Nurses under the NDP, Midwives under the RHMPP, Medical Technologists under the MTDP, and Public Health Associates under the PHADP.

Here are the details on hiring of each health care professionals in the program:

Doctors to the Barrios Program - DTTB 2017
-licensed physician with updated PRC Card
-willing to be assigned in 4th to 6th class municipalities
-salary @ 56,000 plus perks

Universal Health Care Implementers - UHCIP 2017
-licensed physician with updated PRC Card
-willing to be assigned in 5th to 6th class municipalities
-act as main coordinator for UHC endeavors and activities
-salary @ Php 56,000.00

Dentist Deployment Project - DDP 2017
-licensed dentist with updated PRC Card
-for deployment in municipalities without a dentist but whose RHU is with complete and functional dental facilities
-salary @ Php 29,028.00

Nurse Deployment Project - NDP 2017
-licensed nurse with updated PRC Card
-for deployment in BHSs in all municipalities and cities based on the certain criteria
-salary @ Php 26,878.00

Rural Health Midwives Placement Program - RHMPP 2017
-licensed midwife, either 2-year course or BSM with updated PRC Card
-for deployment in BEmONC facilities
-salary @ Php 14,931.00 for COS

Medical Technologists Deployment Project - MTDP 2017
-licensed medical technologist with updated PRC Card
-for deployment in areas without a MedTech but with whose RHU has a functional laboratory equipped with reagents
-salary @ Php 24,887.00

Public Health Associates Deployment Project - PHADP 2017
-a graduate of 4-year health and health-related courses
-for deployment in RHUs to assist in the collection, consolidation, analysis and submission of reports
-salary @ Php 19,940.00

All salaries are subject to applicable tax.

Applications and pertinent documents shall be submitted to Regional Office for evaluation and processing.
Only those with official and validated PRC license are eligible to apply unless a particular type does not require like the PHA.

HRH must be physically and mentally fit to be accepted.

Application Requirements

Beginning September 18, 2016, the DOH-Regional Office IX will start receiving and accepting applications for Human Resource for Health (HRH) Deployment Program 2017.

All interested applicants will be treated as new. The applications that were received since April 2016 onwards will be considered, unless the applicant was already employed, in which case another application is necessary.
Together with the (1) application letter, please attach ONLY the following:
(2) curriculum vitae with photo and contact details;
(3) photocopy of UPDATED PRC License, when applicable;
(4) photocopy of Board rating result;
(5) photocopy of diploma.
No other attachment. Please sign the application letter and indicate the type of HRH you intend to apply for.
Acceptance of applications for HRH 2017 will end by closing hours of October 24, 2016.

Qualifying Exams

The tentative schedules for the Qualifying Exams are the following dates and venues until contrary announcement is made:
Zamboanga del Sur in Pagadian City: November 12, 2016
Zamboanga del Norte in Dipolog City: November 12, 2016
Zamboanga Sibugay in Ipil: November 12, 2016 SSSB, Isabela and Zamboanga Cities: November 12, 2016

Other regional office has not posted any details yet on HRH 2017. For more HRH updates and other details, please follow us by 'Liking' in Facebook.

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